I am amused and befuddled by the animosity some women have demonstrated toward Mr. Romney throughout this campaign.  First, it was his stance on birth control and abortion; then, the $9.95 contraceptive; and now the BINDER.   As soon as one thing fizzles out, another one magically appears.  Has anyone heard from Sandra Fluck lately?

Talk about “no good deed going unpunished?”   All Mr. Romney was trying to do was find and hire qualified women for positions in his administration.  His advisors had not provided him with any, and he didn’t think that was appropriate.  He had a team of people, including other women, bring him possible candidates, in individual binders with their qualifications for his review, and he ended up hiring many of them.  Well, liberal women’s groups are spinning that as if the binders included racy pictures like you would find in Playboy Magazine.  Even a non-Romney supporter has to see how ridiculous this manufactured “issue” is.

In my opinion, these “binder ads,” like the “$9.95 ads” that preceeded it, reflect the views of liberal Democratic Obama supporters who happen to be women,  rather than the views of most women.  Furthermore, to quote the late former VP Spiro Agnew (and I hate to stoop so low) there is a “silent majority” of women out there who do not feel threatened and who see right through the fabricated “war on women” issue.  It is actually insulting to women and their intelligence to think that they are one-issue voters who would base their vote on fabricated issues like a $9.95 contraceptive or a binder instead of real issues like jobs, the economy, the deficit, international affairs, terrorism, and the overall philososphical difference of self-reliance and capitalism with safety nets for the truly needy versus trickle-down government a la Western Europe.

Those are the real issues in this election, and they are critical ones that could have long-term impact on us and our way of life.  Women:  I am not saying you have to vote for Mr. Romney, but at least make your voting choice based on the real issues.  You owe it to yourself and your kids.


2 thoughts on “ALL BOUND UP

  1. I am one of those REAL women who has a sound mind… Never get involved in the FLUFF the media tries to spin in order to sway those who can not make rational decisions. Women are capable of keeping their eye on the critical issues… Again you are so on- target with your blog subject matter!

    • Hi to my best fan!
      Good for you. Please pass this along to your friends, particularly female ones, (not the cats). I would be interested in their opinion about the so-called “war on women,” especially the “binder” issue.

      Thx for your support. Hi to Dave. Tell him if he interviews a female not to put their resume in a binder.


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