It is well known that President Obama has the strong support of young people.  (A recent Associated Press-GfK  Poll found that 61%% of registered voters aged 18-29 favored Mr. Obama vs 30% for Mr. Romney.)  The question is why?  I understand that they may think he is hip and cool and he brings an excitement that is attractive to young people.  Additionally, young people are generally predisposed to be more liberal.  But, if a young voter were to look beyond the razzle dazzle to the substance inside to ascertain who is better for me and my future, he or she would be hard-pressed to justify his support of Mr. Obama.

Consider the following:

1.  The level of unemployed youth remains stubbornly high – 17% vs 8% for the population as a whole.  The most recent rate for African American youths was 29%.  If you can’t get a decent job, you can’t start your life, e.g. start a career, get married, raise a family, etc.

2.  In four years under Mr. Obama’s watch the US debt has jumped to $16 trillion.  That number is the 500 lb. gorilla in the room that nobody wants to talk about, but it will have to be paid back someday.  Seniors and middle aged people won’t be around to worry about paying it back.  Guess who will be?  That’s right – today’s young people and unborn generations.  That debt will be a tremendous drag on the US economy for their entire lives, and, if the government decides to print more money, it could lead to double-digit inflation like we had in the 1970s.

3.  In addition to running up our debt and bankrupting several States, Mr. Obama’s entitlement policies have jeopardized the social security fund.  Independent projections indicate that young people will have to work longer (well past the current retirement age of 65), and will receive much less benefits than the current generation.  So, saving for your retirement will be virtually all your responsibility.

In summary, if I am a 21 year old college graduate about to look for my first job and maybe vote in my first Presidential election I have a lot to think about.  Do I vote for the candidate who provides the sizzle (Obama) or the steak (Romney)?  Remember, I’m not picking someone to invite to my frat house for a party; I’m picking a President who will hold my future and those of my family in his hands.


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