President Obama continues to enjoy the support of a majority of Jewish voters, based on his liberal policies and perceived support of the State of Israel.  However, although Mr. Obama says all the right things to have the Jewish voters believe he is a strong supporter, many of his actions over the last four years have not been consistent with what he has said.  These inconsistencies lead me to question the depth of his commitment to Israel.  Yet a majority of Jews continue to support him by rote simply because he is a liberal Democrat.  My message is look at the facts and re-evaluate your thinking before it is too late!

For example:

1.  He has criticized those who have denied that the Holocaust occurred, but he favors talks and, in general, a mild diplomatic approach with Ahmadinejad, who not only continues to deny that the Holocaust occurred but also promises to destroy Israel and is building a nuclear arsenal to do just that.

2.  Mr.  Obama claims to be committed to a strong and secure Israel, but then he said he favors a return to the pre-1967 borders as a precondition to meaningful peace talks.  He claims to be an ally and a friend of Israel’s, but then he offends Mr. Netanyahu with the above declaration and compounds it by refusing to meet with him in NY.

3.  Let’s not forget the infamous Jerusalem flip-flop, which was the subject one of my previous blogs.

4.  Most importantly, Mr. Obama seems reluctant to take a strong position with Iran on its nuclear weapons development or with other Middle East leaders at the present time.  My impression is that he is hoping not to stir up any controvery until after the election.  It’s not clear what kind of dialogue he has been having with Israel on the Iran matter, but if Israel should feel it has to act independently to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities before the election it is not clear how much and what types of support Mr. Obama will authorize.  The Israelis don’t want to act unilaterally, but according to a recent Wall Street Journal article Mr. Obama’s message to Israel seems to be more like “you’re on your own, pal”, rather than ” we have your back.”  Make no mistake about it, this tepid and inconsistent support of Israel has also emboldened Iran to continue to defy us.  This is one situation where Mr. Obama’s lack of experience has been a major factor.

In conclusion, Mr. Obama’s Middle East policy has been an abject failure.  He wants to be everbody’s friend with the result that he is nobody’s.  I believe he has been downplaying his true feelings for political reasons.  If he should win re-election,  he will have no further reason to hold back.  In that case, Jews and Israel beware. Four more years of Mr. Obama in the White House with Iran having nuclear capability and the backing of China and Russia may mean the destruction of the State of Israel.


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