The turmoil in the Middle East is continuing, most notably in Egypt where the police and military are hard pressed to control the rioters.  The Obama Administration’s response has continued to be tepid.  Today, Hilary Clinton, who represents the Obama Administration, characterized the attacks as “misguided,”  stating that they “fly in the face of the better society many in these countries recently fought for…”  Furthermore, “we will… keep taking steps to protect our personnel around the world.  What kind of ridiculous double talk is that?   That’s almost like calling the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor “misguided.”

I am not advocating war or even invasion.  However, there are stronger steps that could be taken against the nations that cannot control their radical groups.

1.  Reduce or suspend foreign aid.  This would send a stronger message.

2.  Issue a warning to US citizens not to travel to these countries.  The best way to protect American civilains is to keep them out of Egypt, Yemen, and other countries where there is rioting in the first place, not to have to deal with murder, kidnapping and other incidents after they occur.  This will have an added benefit of hurting Egypt’s economy, which depends, in large part, on tourism.

3.  Recall non-essential embassy staffs and/or dependents for their safety.

Finally, everyone please stop making excuses for these terrorists. Yes, the film was reprehensible, but it was no excuse to kill an ambassador and other innocent people.  Diplomatic immunity is, has always been, and must remain sacrosanct.


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