Are you better off today than you were four years ago?  That’s the question we ask ourselves before every presidential election, and this year is no different.  To be sure, some people are better off, such as the people who have been able to enter the US illegally through our porous borders, criminals who receive light sentences or get released from jail early to commit more crimes and many recipients of social services and other benefits from the federal and state governments that those overburdened entities can no longer afford to provide.

In fact, we have been assured by President Obama, Vice President Biden, many prominent Democrats, and their celebrity supporters that we are all better off (even if we don’t realize it or think so).   It reminds me of that old Grouco Marx joke:  “Are you going to believe what I tell you or what you see with your own eyes?”  Of course, a cynic would say that personally Obama and Biden are truly better off than they were four years ago, because four years ago they were merely US Senators.  Today, they are the President and Vice President, respectively.

Between now and election day the Dems will likely trot out some examples of everyday, hardworking people who legitimately are better off.  It will not be hard to find some examples in a country of 300 million people.  But, don’t be fooled.  The overwhelming majority of people are not better off.  Not the 15% unemployed and underemployed; not the millions who, frustrated by their inability to find employment, have given up and left the workforce; not the college graduates with tens of thousands of student loans to repay and no immediate prospects of doing so; and certainly not the motorists who have to pay up to $5.00 per gallon for gas at the pump. Furthermore, after four more years of Mr. Obama we will be even worse off.

The Dems continually tout themselves as the party of compassion.  They want to help disadvantaged people.  That’s fine.  I support government assistance for people who legitimately need it.  So, I’m sure, does Mr. Romney.   The key is to weed out those who are gaming the system.  Our governments no longer have the money to continue on the current path.  Many state governments are insolvent.  The federal government is $16 trillion in debt.  This debt will have to be repaid someday, somehow, someway.

So, make a choice.  Who do you feel more sorry for?  Who is more important to you?  The gamers who are bleeding us dry, or your own children and grandchildren who will have to repay the massive debt someday.  If you make the right choice your children and grandchildren will thank you.



  1. Whether i’m better off than I was 4 years ago is the wrong question. I’ve been around a long time, and my successes or failures have never been remotely related to the President or Congress. They rested entirely on whether I made wise choices or bad mistakes. People have to take responsibility for their own actions. Even in today’s poor economy, there are plenty of jobs available if one has the right skills. Anything related to the medical profession, computer sciences, hardware or software development, attorneys, accountants and many more fields all have jobs waiting if you have the necessary skills. If one hasn’t taken the trouble to acquire any of those skills, I guess the next best thing is to blame Obama and the Democrats for one’s failures.

    • Agreee with most of what you said, especially that people have to take responsibility for own actions. That is why I’m opposed to Obama’s wealth redistribution policies, which are designed to blunt free enterprise and capitalism upon which this country was built and reward those who just sit back and take. Obama and Congress do have responsibility for creating macro economic environment that would enable people to be successful. Besides, rightly or wrongly, person in charge always gets the credit or takes the blame.

      • I don’t see Obama trying to impede anyone from studying computer sciences or chemical engineering in order to make better lives for themselves. On the contrary, his Admn. wants to provide the student loans in order to make that happen. A Pres. Romney on the other hand would likely sharply curtail the student loan program.

      • You’re right about Obama’s encouraging student loans. Not sure about Romney’s approach. But, the bigger picture is their respective approaches to the economy. Obama favors income redistribution and government entitlements. Romney favors the traditional approach of capitalism, self-sufficiency and free enterprise. My posting clearly states my opinion on the matter. If you have a different opinion, we can agree to disagree. That’s what elections are for. Anyway, I appreciate your comments. I would welcome comments on my other postings as well.

  2. Larry you are right on and we should fear for the world our children and grandchildren will face as the next four years could make or surely break their future to succeed in a country where they have an equal opportunity to be free from overburdened expenses from their education, basic living costs,taxes and fuel charges.

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